Milwaukee Airport Terminal

Milwaukee airport has a Main Terminal with three concourses: Concourse C, D and E. In total it has 48 gates.


All international flights arrive at International Arrivals Terminal (an independent building) with the exception of Toronto flights.


Concourse C

It has gates from C9-C12, C14, C17-C25. It hosts Air Canada and Southwest airlines.


Concourse D

It has gates from D27-30, D34, D36, D38-D39, D41 to D49. It hosts Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Delta Airlines and OneJet.


Concourse E

it has gates from D60 to D69. It has been hosting flights from United Airlines but it is planned to do a refurbishment of the terminal and all the flights are going to be operating from Concourse C until the remodeling is going to end.


The airport connects directly with the parking structure and the surface parking lot.